Since: 1980  

Gazi Blv N. 90 Çankaya İş Merkezi D108 Çankaya İzmir

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                            World Translation started its activity in 1977, later in 1980, was registered in the trade register, the chamber of commerce and tax office. Since then, the company operates with only professional, skilled, and experienced linguists in translation of all world languages. With the principle of reliance, authenticity and perfection in translation, the company has been very popular in Turkey and later in all countries.  The network of our worldwide professionals expanded. The network team consists of professional translators specialized in various fields. The company definitely and principally abides by the secrecy of all persons and companies. Even, the names of customers are never known or disclosed.  


Our English Turkish translators, proofreaders, editors:

8             Senior Turkish native Linguists/translators/proofreaders,

2             Medium-senior translators                                                                

34           Regular translators                                                                 

1             Chemical Engineer & Translator                                                              

1             Civil Engineer                                                                                   

1             Economist                                                                                         

3             English native Proofreaders, retired teacher from Cambridge University, 

3             English native & Bilingual Translators                                      

5             English native, proofreaders                                                       

1             Interpreter, consecutive translator    

1             Geologist                                    

3             IT Engineers                                                                                        

2             Lawyer & Translators                                                                    

1             Journalist  & Translator                                                                

2             Mechanical Engineers                                                                  

4             Medical Doctors & Translators 

1             Mining Engineer                                                

1             Ophthalmologist                                                                          

1             Pharmacist                                                                                        

1             Physics Engineer                                                                            

6             Simultaneous Translators                                                           

3             Textile Engineers,                                                                          

2             Voice over master artists                                                           

     Commercial, legal, medical, technical, scientific, notary documentation, film subtitles, simultaneous conference

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